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Polytex Fabric by Polyfab Available at Las Vegas Metro Awnings

Polytex ® Shade cloth Fabric

Polytex ® Shade Sail Fabric is a High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE), and Polytex ® Shade Sail Fabric is extremely durable and flexible regarding its ability to last and weather. Its strength and durability come from its monofilament and tape that’s knitted together using the well-known “Raschel Knit.” The “Raschel Knit” ensures the fabric will not tear or fray when cut. or even pierced. Polytex ® Shadesail Fabric is a high-quality fabric that boasts UVA & UVB protection greater than 95%. The strength to weight ratio is also considerable.

Polytex ® is the ultimate shade sail fabric that is perfect for the Southern Nevada sun. Its UV-Performant traits, durability, and fire rating are ideal for residential and commercial architectural projects. If you’re looking for Shade Sail fabric, Metro Awnings recommends Polytex ® Fabric.