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Sunbrella Fabric used in Custom Shade Sail Application
Sunbrella Premium Quality Weather-Proof Fabrics at Metro Awnings of Las Vegas, Nevada

Sunbrella ® Fabrics

Sunbrella revolutionized the awning industry in 1961 as a premier textile innovated with beautiful design and incredible durability. Today, Sunbrella leads the pack as a performance fabric industry pioneer constantly redefining textile craftsmanship. Sunbrella is constantly researching and developing new ways of bringing durability, comfort, and style to the places people live, work, and play.

Finishes Wear Off, Sunbrella Performance Is Built In

Sunbrella fabrics’ performance doesn’t stop at the finish–it’s engineered into the core of each fiber. Other fabrics are made with surface finishes that can gradually wear away and do not protect the integrity of the fabric. Our solution dyed fabrics maintain their rich color and unwavering strength through normal wear, exposure to natural light and the elements, and cleaning.